Human brain loves visuals! According to psychologists, sight is the most powerful sense. That is why visuals are so effective. A thoughtfully designed brand has a memorable impact on the viewers, helps you to attract potential customers and highlights your competitive strength.

“By giving your ideas the most effective visual form and letting the whole world see what you have to offer, we will help you to pave the path to prosperity.”
Lana Shahar-Kulik, Art Director 


⇒ Graphic design services for print and web:
♦ Corporate Identity Business Package: logo design, stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes), social media design, website design ♦ branding ♦ posters & banners ♦ corporate brochures ♦ fashion catalogs ♦ greeting cards ♦ invitations ♦ vector & traditional illustration

⇒ Copyrighting
♦ Interesting and unique texts customized to reflect the image of your brand and to target your audience.
♦ Made-to-order articles and photo sessions.

⇒ Books Design, Page Makeup & Publishing Brokerage Services

⇒ Web Hosting ♦ IT Support

⇒ Professional Digital Image Manipulation & Photo
♦ We provide services to photographers employed at modeling agencies and to those who simply like decorating office and home interiors with beautiful photographs.
♦ Replacing of an undesirable background and retouching any imaginable flaw.

⇒ Advertisement & Social Media Advertising.
In times of Internet and high technology, the customer can order anything online without even leaving the house. At the same time, Internet allows your business to achieve the greatest exposure. We will assist in promoting your brand on the market through advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media as well as through connecting to various Internet platforms. Promoting your brand will make it recognizable and drive your sales. These days, there are many ways of strengthening the image of the brand. The key point is in effective positioning. By understanding our client’s specific goals and objectives, we will develop the strategy of success and help you prosper.

“A designer is someone who constructs while he thinks, someone for whom planning and making go together.”
John Maeda,
Graphic designer/ computer scientist

“Social media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”
Matt Goulart, Founder/